Let us teach you how to dance.


We welcome people of all ages to come dance with us. Our program features diverse choreography, technique and access to the latest trends in dance. All students benefit from the positive environment created, while having fun and building self-confidence. If you want to unlock your full potential, you’re in the right place.

We offer a variety of classes that include, but are not limited to Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Contemporary, Acro, Toddler Combo Classes and many others. From 2 years old to 75 years old, girls and boys, novices to professionals – no one is left out at Powerhouse Dance Center.

Our definition of Powerhouse: a team having great energy, strength and the capability to succeed in all forms of dance!

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Our Classes

Our classes range from beginner to advanced, for children ages two to adults and for boys as well as girls- no one is left out at Powerhouse Dance Center. Our classes include a wide variety of dance styles to learn and grow with including Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Pointe, Contemporary, Acro, Combo Classes for Toddlers and many others.


High energy technique class famous for its powerful and exciting movements. Focus is on breaking down turns, leaps, placement and building a dance vocabulary, which will bring the dance student to the next level.


Teaches strength, flexibility and basic tumbling. This class will consist of basic acro moves and will help strengthen and improve coordination.


Tap dance is a rhythmic exploration of sound using your feet as instruments! Tapping is a great way to have fun while improving motor skills and coordination. Dances incorporate intricate rhythms and fun footwork to create challenging and exciting choreography.


This is a high energy, rhythmic form of dance focusing on body isolations and is the latest form of physical expression in today’s pop culture. Students learn the most current moves and styles from the dance music video world. It’s a combination of the best moves, with the hottest music and a lot of fun!


All students are encouraged to study Ballet because it is the foundation of all dance forms. Students are taught the importance of proper technique including body alignment, flexibility and terminology. The class will consist of barre exercises, stretching, adagio, petite and grand allegro.


These classes teach children the beginning fundamentals of ballet and tap. Ballet includes barre work, across the floor and stretching activities. Tap includes introductory skills involving rhythm, counting and coordination. Children learn to follow instructions, work with others in the group and enjoy simple, but effective skills.

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Baby Bops 2-3yrs old | Tiny Tots 3-4yrs old | Future Stars 5-6yrs old | Minis 7-10yrs old | Juniors 11-12yrs old | Teens 13-15yrs old | Senior 17+

CC = Company Class

Meet our team.

Our staff consists of professionally trained, educated and credentialed performers with many years of dance experience. They have trained with some of the best in the industry and have professional credits to their name. In addition, many of our staff members are certified through Dance Educators of America, a prestigious organization dedicated to training teachers of all genres of dance. Many classes include both an instructor and an assistant to give each student the training needed to learn and grow. All of our Teacher Assistants/College Interns undergo a screening process and are being trained closely by the PDC team. We trust that you will be thoroughly impressed with our attention to detail while providing the correct training for your young dancer.

Melissa Smith, Director

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

Joe Avallone, Director

“Passing on my love for music and dance as well as inspiring others to be the best they can be without ever giving up is my life’s work.”

Celia Coronel-Dizzine, Ballet/Pointe

“I believe dance gave me discipline and structure that translated into all aspects of my life.”

Angela Koza, Hip Hop

“Dance for yourself, it is the hidden language of the soul.”

Dara Jenel, Ballet

“I dance because everything in my being moves to a rhythm I cannot tune out. I love all movement & would like nothing more than to share my love of dance.”

Kaitlyn Kozinski, Tap/Ballet Combo

“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself”

Alison Owusu, Hip Hop & Jazz

“Dance enables you to find yourself and lose yourself at the same time”

Christine Kavanagh, Tap/Ballet Combo

“Dancing… is like dreaming with your feet”

Meagan Collins, Hip Hop & Jazz/Contemporary

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty or their dreams.”

Because of our love for children and our passion for the art of dance, each and every dancer will feel a special connection with Powerhouse Dance Center and its staff. Hopefully, students will form relationships with their peers that will spark a sense of community while sharing a common bond: dance.

Plan the best party, ever.

Are you looking to throw your child the a great party?  We promise that your kids and their friends will experience the best party ever at Powerhouse! We have tons of different theme options to choose from. Best part: We do (mostly) all of the work!

We have prepared safety guidelines to help you have a happy, healthy and safe return to classes.