What is a
dance team?

A dance team is a group of dancers who are ready as well as desire to bring a high level of commitment to dance, engagement in time at the studio, and participation on a team. It is a group of dancers that work very hard individually and as a team to execute difficult choreography and dance technique. Being on a dance team helps a dancer to reach new heights in technique and performance. They begin to approach their dance education with new goals of excellence. It changes the mind set from “I dance as a hobby” to “I am a dancer”. As a member of the team, opportunities to perform in the community as well as compete will be available. We strive to make this the most positive and rewarding experience for our dancers! New Students are always welcome! Members are selected by audition only


  • Become A Soloist.

    Does your dancer want to become a Soloist?

    Dancers must come to the audition with 1 min of choreography or improv in the genre they hope to compete in!

    Dancers will perform in front of PDC teachers and results will be sent out 7-10 days after audition.

    Criteria to Audition
    Must be 6 years old and up
    Must have at least one year of company experience to audition.
    Dancers must participate In our 2021 company audition as well